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Environmental law

1.What law regulates land relations of the Republic of Kazakhstan?

2.What do you think will be passed the law about entitlement purchase of land plots  in private hand?

Gulzat Zhetpisbay 

Environmental Monitoring KazNAU Ecology Department

What activities are conducted at your countries on the Environmental Monitoring? 

In Slovakia, EM contains

In Slovakia, EM contains three basic, mutually completing levels, in which blend spatial, time, organizing and operating aspects together: full-area monitoring is based on relatively stable monitoring system, which covers whole territory of Slovakia and it is centred on investigation of the total global state of Slovak environment, following the state and development of partial components.

Regional monitoring is oriented on concrete region. This is important for the needs of human activities and their impact on the regional environment. It is represented e.g. by complex monitoring system of hydro-electric plant Gabčíkovo, monitoring of laden area Jelšava-Lubeník, etc. Local (special) monitoring is oriented on following of important phenomenon, element or impact of human activities on the environment, e.g. Slovnaft, Inc., Bratislava, U. S. Steel, Co. Ltd., Košice,  Duslo, Inc., Šaľa, etc. It is carried out by professional and scientific-research workplaces.

Environmental Monitoring KazNAU Ecology Department

Our University uses drones for monitoring agricultural landscapes.