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land management

How to use geo - informaic systems in the land planning?

Tthere are lot history of GIS

Tthere are lot history of GIS implementation as a 1) cadastrasl tool (land user spatial data bases), for example first ESRI programs had been made for forest management 2)land use analysis using remote sensing 3) land user monitoring with had-held GPS systems and mobile GIS applications. Every filed from these isuues has its own software application, methods and paradigms.

Polat R. Reymov

GIS Center of KSU, Nukus, Uzbekistan

Also land use otimization,

Also land use otimization, parcels division and even regional-scale problems of agricultural land management could be solved using spatial analysis and spatial econometric approaches

Elmira Mursalimova

Tasks of territory management is one of the largest areas of GIS applications. GIS technology are applicable in any sphere of administration activities such as land survey, land management, inventory of the condition of the property and real estate and highways. GIS is an integral component of any management information system.
Also in the field of environmental protection, environmental GIS today solve many vital tasks for the region, including problems with the use of three-dimensional relief. Also he forest management service, departments of natural resources and explorationin are advanced the field of GIS.

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Внедрение АИС ГЗК позволило

Внедрение АИС ГЗК позволило автоматизировать такие направления деятельности, как изготовление идентификационных документов, учет количества и качества земельных участков и их собственников (землепользователей), государственную кадастровую оценку земель, изготовление и ведение земельно-кадастровых карт в том числе цифровых, ведение единого реестра земель и предоставление информации земельного кадастра по запросам государственных органов и физических, юридических лиц.